Friday, December 16, 2016

The Philly Lark

Hi Dear Folk,

Can't believe I'm at the end of a second week of this commuting lark to Philly for work.  This morning I stood on the platform, we have no inside heated area, just a cover and some seats.  I was a few mins later than my normal arrival time and the train was not even sitting there, which is unusual, then a voice is heard over the intercom from nowhere that they might be delays up to sixty minutes on our line as there were signal problems.  Fortunately, as the temperature was at 15 degrees F., about five minutes later the train pulled in and five minutes after that they opened the doors.  Heaven forbid they should open the doors earlier than five minutes before you leave, although the train usually sits there for fifteen minutes as we are at the end of the line.

I am dressing much warmer for my commute and this shawl has come in wonderfully handy with my down coat.  I wrap it around several times and knot it in the front.  I look like a Russian peasant out of Fiddler on The Roof, but I'm warm and I don't care.  The spice/heather colour goes very well with my down coat.  Of course when you step off into the underground concourse area you look totally over dressed.

Did you see my Instagram post, Tupp moves around our house and will sleep in a certain area for weeks or months then leave and try somewhere else.  So for months she slept at night at the bottom of our bed, then she moved to the bottom of Rob's bed, then she moved to Rob's chair and now she can be found sleeping on Mr. B's pillow at the top of his head every night.  You just have to wonder what gets into their minds, of course warm and cozy is foremost.

Have been watching the newest version of War and Peace, and reading The Tidal Zone another Sarah Moss fictional book.

It's quite amazing the amount of reading material you can get through on almost two hours of travel each day.  I mean two hours a day multiplied by five is ten hours per week and in a month is forty hours and that's a whole week of work in a month commuting and reading so no wonder I'm getting through so much reading material.

A vendor took as out to lunch at Tir, Na Nog, this week, but was a little disappointed in my choice of Mahi Tacos, although really should one chose that in an Irish Pub?  But they came strongly recommended by others who had eaten them there before.  But unfortunately it seems they were not up to standard.  I know I should have gone with the shepherds pie or the fish and chips, oh well.

Well the sun is out, although they are calling for snow overnight, we will see.

Take care and have a great weekend.


P.S.  Here is the story of Tir Na Nag


  1. How are you liking the new War and Peace? I thought that was the boy on your instagram!

  2. Yes cats always find the cosiest spots. Finding the right clothes is always difficult when on public transport. I'm always too hot or too cold. The reading time is a bonus.


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