Friday, December 23, 2016

Stepping Out In The City, City Hall Philadelphia

Hi Dear Folk,

Stepping out into the City, through the double glass office doors, down the ten floors in the elevator and out the lobby doors, and this is what I step out into.

Ice skating rink in front of City Hall Philadelphia.

Raised garden beds.

The Village Market has vendors from many countries, Nepal, beautiful wool felted items, Ecuador  100% wool apparel and Ukraine, Russian painted items, little candle houses and Baltic amber, to name but a few.

Inner courtyard at City Hall.  If you can imagine the foot print of City Hall is like an X, with an open courtyard area in the middle.  Accessed from each side via a huge archway through which you can walk.  The interior of each tunnel area is different.

This entrance being particularly ornate.

William Penn sits atop this tower.  Looking up from the courtyard, the interior of which I think leans towards French architecture.

The Clothes Pin.

Aerial view from office window.  The building at the center is the Ritz Carlton Hotel, to the right of City Hall, and behind City Hall is the old Wanamaker Building, now Macy's.  A wonderful old department store with a Pipe Organ.

View from my desk.

Out early today.



  1. Great pics. What a change for you.

  2. I enjoyed my armchair tour of city hall with you today! Thanks ever so much!


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