Thursday, December 1, 2016

SEPTA Trailpass and the Philly Gig

Hi Dear Folk,

Today is the day I start to use my Trailpass.  The name is totally misleading because it's a train pass, costs $163.00 dollars per month and I'm not sure what it covers other than the train ride to Philly which is about 20 miles.  Now if I were to think of working until I'm 65 I could ride the train at that point for $1.00 not sure if that's per day or each way, either way it's a lot less than this.  65 coincides in the USA to when one is eligible for Medicare, government health insurance, not that that's a free ride as you have to pay monthly supplements, but don't get me started on that.

Have been cleaning out at the office for over a month now, but this week has been some serious packing and I am so worn out.  Of course now the office has been whittled down from 14 to 4 one has to be Jack of All Trades.  I'm also looking forward to the additional city wage tax, it's all fun!

I will get to know Philly, which is so close, but so ignored, but isn't that always the way?  Right on your doorstep and you don't go.  Since I'll be down there every day, I'll see what an hour's lunch break enables you to do.  Of course the thought of waiting on winter platforms does not enamor the commute and at least an extra hour per day travel time.

Moving on, here is one sock that I finished, which has been my own design, so I'm pretty chuffed with it.  A cable crochet stitch for the top and around the leg with, hdc and sc for the underneath and heel.  The sock is worked in a spiral, as is the heel.

Now to crochet the mate.  Next time I make a pair I will make them a little smaller.

Here is a shawl I have been working on, the colour is called Peacock Feather.  It's a lattice stitch, which if I had not watched the You Tube video I would never have figured out from the pattern, but once you get the hang of it, I love the rhythm of the increasing and decreasing stitches throughout.

I admit to going out shopping on Black Friday, at least I didn't get shot.  From Joanne's some lovely mohair on clearance, the colour is gorgeous, and then 25% off.  I will also make another lattice wrap in this yarn, which seems to have no colour name, but to me the colour is like a photo I took along the Isle of Skye shoreline, of rocks covered in lichen and streaks of granite, it's earthy.  My husband said it reminded him of streaks of graphite.

Some beads 70% off.

The cowl and fingerless mitts are a gift I made for a friend.

Do you have a Clothes Mentor in your area?  They are a franchise. If you do you should pay them a visit. It's an upscale thrift shop, many items are brand new.  This Black Friday until noon they had 30% off.  I bought a lovely wool blend tweed bomber style, Mr. B. corrected me biker style jacket $9.00, with original price tags still on it and two skirts.

Here I am wearing it and one of the skirts.

Will keep you posted on Posting Philly.



  1. That is a bummer having to pay that much for a pass AND the city wage tax. DH just barely works in the city so has to pay.
    I love the diagonal zip on your jacket. We just got DD a coat with diagonal zip as she is a big fan of them.
    I love your socks and shawl. Both are lovely colors. How very clever of you to make up the stitch!
    On the nice can get a lot done one the train. Do you have far to walk from the station to your job?

  2. A trail pass sounds more exciting than a railcard but what a huge expense. There used to be a website with ideas how to spend lunchtime in London. Maybe you have one for Philly. Your crochet is beautiful n so clever. You look very smart in your new outfit.

  3. Love your sox and your jacket. All set for travelling!


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