Sunday, December 4, 2016

Lattice Lace Wrap, Isle of Skye

Hi Dear Folk,

Working on my Lattice Lace Wrap, I love this yarn and it casts my mind back to a morning climbing over the rocks on the Isle of Skye near to Dunvegan Castle.  I found these photos of the Isle of Skye to share the colour on the rocks with you.

You can just see Dunvegan Castle in the background.



  1. Wonderful natural colours. Love the scenery and your sweater. You're a mighty knitter

  2. Beautiful pictures n colours.

  3. What beautiful colours both on the rocks and in your wool! Thanks for sharing your photo's of the places you've been, we get to see the world through your eyes :) I'm looking forward to seeing your wrap when it's done, it will be beautiful to be sure!


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