Monday, December 15, 2014

Rug Quest

Hello Dear Folk,

I am on a rug quest, a rug for my sitting room.  For a long while I have just used throw rugs as Miss Tink, no longer with us, had a problem as she got older.  She liked a nice piece of rug rather than the litter box.  Consequently my lovely red Chinese Rug which I've had for almost thirty years, went out to the garage and the mice got into it.  She had already rather ruined the corner.

Of course when you are not looking you see all sorts of rugs you would like, and then you start looking and see nothing.  So Friday I drove to Ollie's in Hatboro and also Home Goods, but did not see anything that truly caught my fancy, also has to be at the right price.  Mr B. says what are you looking for and I say I will know it when I see it.  So far the only thing I like is very plain from IKEA and I was thinking of more vibrancy.

Mr B. and I drove up to Ollie's in Pottstown, because my friend found a really nice rug here, but it's a very hit and miss place, more like an Aladdin's Cave.  We also hit Home Goods out that way and ended up at IKEA, by which time Mr. B. was famished, not a good thing.  So we stopped off at the IKEA canteen and he had ribs and mashed potatoes, followed by chocolate cake, I had coffee and chocolate, very healthy, so that kept us going.

Still gradually filtering things away from my trip to Hawaii, why does it take so long?

Did sort the bottom of my tiny closet out, where I found a Canadian wool blanket that I had bought at the thrift, fabric, and two sweatshirts which I had long given up on finding. 

It never ends does it?


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  1. Hope you get your rug soon. What about Gumtree or similar? My friend was cleaning a big posh house and a beautiful woolen rug was being thrown out so I ended up with it. Only trouble is it is mainly cream and always needs cleaning.


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