Monday, December 15, 2014

China Town Honolulu

Hi Dear Folk,

Here we are Monday morning and we have decided to visit the Ioloni Palace, but somehow we missed our stop on the bus and landed up in China Town, which actually worked out as we decided to visit China Town first, walking back through China Town to the Ioloni Palace.

I love wandering around Chinese food markets all sorts of interesting things for sale.

Fancy some Bull Frogs?

Or how about a Dragon Fruit?  Actually we bought one of these for lunch and it is delicious.

Something I'm a little more familiar with Dungeness Crabs.  I thought they came from the UK, but maybe not see here Dungeness Crabs.  They look a lot like the crabs we used to get in Whitby, Yorkshire, where you could also buy a delicious crab sandwich, at least that's what I remember from my childhood.

The food court eating area.

Spent some delightful time walking around this store.  I bought some Jade earrings and my friends bought a dark golden large fresh water pearl that the lady is making into a necklace for her.  You can see the pearls on the black tray.

We also spent some time in the old department store, doesn't the architecture look deco?  With the rounded windows at the corner.

We got to talking to the two Chinese ladies who were cousins and the one cousin had lived in Montreal and had to send her children to English speaking school and the other cousin had worked in a bank in Philly.  But after the Bank was held up at gunpoint and she was asked to be a witness, she decided not to identify the suspect as they bought him around to her house and she was afraid he would come back and get her.  That was when she decided to return back to Hawaii, where all her family was.  I think I might have returned to Hawaii too.

I bought two pairs of crystal and Palmieri flower earrings, very dainty.

So just a fun wander through China Town doing girl things.


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  1. Looks very colourful and interesting. Not sure about the bull frogs though!


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