Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Let Out Early

Hi Dear Folk,

Escaped from work early, hop, skip, jump.  I'm so happy with my rearranged sitting room.

A little rearrangement of my desk.

We received some very nice calendars at work for 2015, so I bought mine home.  I might move it, but it sits here for now.  How about this little light find at the thrift.  I think it's probably sixties.

This little figure is call Fat Boy, Doulton, England, a fifty cent find at the thrift.  His name is obviously not politically correct anymore.  It reminds me of Thomas The Tank Engine.  In the English version there is a character called The Fat Controller, but over here in the US he is called Mr. Toppen Hat.

My cleaned up Chinese table, along with two miniature orchids.  They were just calling out to me from the shelf at Trader Joe's.

Ta-DA, my new Chinese rug, I love it and the room feels so much cozier with it.

A waffle breakfast together.

Beautiful sunrise.

Finished my crochet socks, my first pair ever.  A long way from perfect and a little thick, so I decided to make them into slipper socks, by adding the bottoms.

How about this crochet book, the depictions of crochet through the decades, is pretty bang on I think.


Watching Ladies #1 Detective Agency on You Tube, I have yet to find all the episodes.



  1. You make your room look so cosy and I love the Chinese table and rug. I enjoy seeing your thrift shop finds. You wouldn't get them at that price here. Had to laugh at the change of name for the Fat Controller. The boys look happy with their breakfast. We have been getting some beautiful skies lately and your photo is great. My daughter has just read the latest No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books and I think some of them have been read on Radio 4.

  2. The chinese rug is perfect with the room and furniture! I just made the chicken cashew sandwiches from the little tea book. There are so many recipes I like in that tiny book. Enjoy having the boy home!
    P.S. You should write a book about how to have a cosy home! You are the best!


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