Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fumis, Oahu

Hi Dear Folk,

After the Dole Plantation which is central Oahu, we headed up to the North Shore.  Here we are gathered at a rustic take out, all seafood and excellent.  In fact there were several of these restaurants along the North Shore.

I went to pay for my lunch and was told that this was all covered.  In fact I wanted to share with you that all the bus trips that we went on were provided free of charge.  This is supported by world wide voluntary donations, which equalizes funds.  So if there is a need to build a Kingdom Hall, or a disaster both natural or manmade, such as recently in the Ukraine, where friends and neighbours lost their homes, or the mudslides in Hiroshima, or as we had in our area several years ago Hurricane Sandy all this is taken care of, because sharing unitedly world wide makes a loving international brotherhood.

Our visual menu.

Here we are with our little friend again.  I had the garlic shrimp and it was delicious, Barb had fish.

Friends we made, from the plains states.

These are the shrimp and fish ponds all along a large area of the North Shore.


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