Saturday, December 6, 2014

Honolulu Airport Greeting

Hi Dear Folk,

After taking a flight from Philly to Phoenix, Arizona and then Phoenix to Honolulu, here we are at the airport and this is the first greeting sign we saw at the airport.  On our last flight we actually sat in front of delegates coming in from Atlanta, Georgia, so that was fun getting to talk to them, because their convention back in the summer in Atlanta, Georgia had also been a host city for an international convention.

The friends were at the airport waiting to greet brothers off over 800 flights, so you can imaging what a lot of work this was and sometimes things went amiss, as to who was on what flight.  So we landed up being greeted by a group of friends from the Spanish congregation, waiting for friends to come in off a flight from S. America.  What a warm welcome that was as you can see in these photos.

Unfortunately because we were not on any ones list who was there, they could not give us a lei.  These leis were specially made by all the friends at different congregations around Oahu.  This was an orange lei made to look like the special orange flower leis that were made for the Hawaiian Royal Family.  So as we were boarding the shuttle to our hotel, I think one dear brother felt bad about this and said wait a moment, he I'm sure went to the airport shop and bought us flower leis to wear, so that we were greeted in Hawaiian style.  Of course we did get our orange leis later on. 


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