Thursday, December 18, 2014

End of Day

Hi Dear Folk,

At the end of the day after our palace visit we caught the bus and headed back to our hotel.  Here are some photos between the bus stop and our hotel.  The twin towers are our hotel the Hawaiian Prince.

As you cross the bridge this is what you see, a canal, known as the Ala Wai Canal see here  It was built in the twenties to drain the rice fields and add more real estate in Honolulu.  It has been and still is somewhat controversial.  When heavy thunder storms hit it becomes overloaded with water, and at times the sewers are overloaded and raw sewerage has been emptied out into the canal, which empties into the sea, which means that raw sewerage finds its way onto Waikiki Beach.

The delegate help desk in our hotel.  Here Joy, who we first met at the Diamond Head congregation, is helping out.  It was so good to see her.

Here I am very happy to have received my delegate package and my Lei.  All the items in the package were totally unexpected, so many things in there that I knew that I would forget them, so laid them out on my bed and took a photo, must find that photo.

We ate here several times.  It was called the Coffee House, not too far from our hotel.  It reminded me of Hawaii Five O 1970s version.  They actually make a very good soup, different every night so we tried a couple of those.  You have to eat cheap in-between eating more expensively.

One of the expensive meals we had was at the Japanese restaurant in our hotel which came highly recommended by the lady at the bus stop as being truly authentic.  I tried the buffet and there were items on there that I liked, but so many items which just are not a western pallet.  Barb stuck with an a la carte menu of tempura, I tried the buffet. 

Barb had eye contact and gestures going on all evening with this little old Japanese man sitting just across from me at a table, the tables were small and quite close.  She actually got him to crack a smile with her use of the chopsticks.  His son sat opposite to him and never spoke a word all evening.  So to cut a long evening of rapport short, Barbara thought that they did not speak English, a lot of guests in the hotel did not, as it is a Japanese owned hotel with a lot of Japanese visitors.  As he got up and left the table I heard him say quietly to his son, well that meal wasn't worth it.

When I told Barbara later, because she did not hear him say that, we just rolled around in hysterics because of all these theatrics and gestures all evening long going on between them.

So we came to the conclusion, and I like a lot of ethnic foods, that we do not like truly authentic Japanese, and let me tell you Benihana is not it.

Japanese foods a very bland compared with Korean, which has more spice to it.  Still there were many individual dishes that I liked, but I could have eaten out at least twice on what the buffet cost me.  So we chalk it all down to experience and that is what life is about.



  1. You were so well looked after and you look lovely in your lei. Had to laugh at your account of the Japanese gentleman.

  2. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.


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