Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Around Honolulu

Hi Dear Folk,

The forecast is rain.  It rained most of last week and so far has rained this week.  So back to sunny Hawaii.

Well here we are up bright and early on Sunday morning to make it in time for the 9:30AM Branch Meeting.  By flying out that weekend we missed attending it at our own congregation, so found out it was being streamed at the Diamond Head congregation in Honolulu, so we made it up there, navigating the very good Honolulu bus system.

Here are some friends from that congregation.

Joy and her mum.  We later saw Joy who had volunteered at our hotel to help at the JW International Delegate desk which was in the lobby of our hotel, as they were in all the hotels where delegates stayed.

And I couldn't believe it that we ran into friends from the very area The Boy and I visited Summer 2013 from Apalachacolo, Florida, remember how much I loved that name and how much we loved the beach at St. Joseph's, sand like confectioners sugar and almost white, long beaches backed by dunes on the Gulf.

This take out at Diamond Head is very good because the owner has a restaurant in town, but trains his staff here, so the quality of take out food is very good.  Here we all are lining up to place our orders.

We were going to catch the bus back into town, but a sister in the congregation, insisted on taking us back, and then as a last minute thought she said would you like to visit a craft show.  Now this was the same craft show that a lady who we sat at the bus stop had said that she was visiting.  She also mentioned the Japanese restaurant in our hotel as being very good and authentic, but that is another story.

Here we are at the craft show.

I bought a pair of these for The Boy, on the line, third from the left.  They are shorts made out of Rice Sacks.  The grandfather started this business during the depression and they have carried on with it.  I can say that Rob really loved them, so I was right to walk back and buy them.  It was the only place I ever saw them.

My friend Barb bought several handmade items from these lovely ladies.

Here we are back at the hotel and the same time that we were dropped off by Terine, so sweet spending all day running people round, the friends from Argentina were arriving.

This is Terine saying goodbye.

Group of friends from Argentina and a local sister.  It seems luggage from Argentina gets poly wrapped

Unfortunately I do not speak Spanish and most of the friends from South America only speak Spanish.  Is on my list of to do, must learn Spanish.  This was a sweet girl, so very bubbly, still we understood the joy being shared.



  1. Your trip looks so fantastic.

  2. What lovely happy photos. Not surprised Rob loved his shorts. They are great.


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