Saturday, December 6, 2014

Honolulu Here We Are

This is our hotel the Hawaiian Prince by the marina.  All rooms in this hotel have a view of the ocean, it's actually made up of two interconnected towers, we were in the tower you see above.  Our room was not that high up, on the fifth level, and we wanted to be higher, but as it turned out, we had one of only a few rooms, just fifth level that had balconies, and these rooms were on the same level as the pool and jacuzzi, just around the corner from us, so we were very happy when we realized this.  Nice for an early morning dip, which it had to be as our schedule turned out to be so very full.  The balcony was great for an early morning cup of tea, and I mean very early morning as our internal clocks were so messed up.  Hawaii is five hours behind us.

Here I am we are taking an evening walk after checking in.  This is the marina, and we walked past here down to Waikiki Beach.  I'm wearing my new Firmoo Sun Glasses.

Here's my friend Barb in the water at Waikiki Beach, in the background the mountain you see is Diamond Head, it's the actual top edge of the crater.  We did walk to the top of this, that's another post.

In the center of the photo above, you can see the twin towers of our hotel.

These restaurants sit right on the beach.

A Hui Hoi, until we meet again.


  1. How exciting to be in Hawaii. Used to watch Hawaii Five O and wanted to be there then.

  2. I have always dreamed of going to Hawaii, it seems just so remarkably beautiful.

  3. So beautiful! So glad you had a nice time!


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