Monday, December 29, 2014

Dole Pineapple Plantation

Good Morning Dear Folk,

Here we are again back to Hawaii.  I will have to post at an extraordinary rate to have my Hawaii vacation Blogged by Jan 1st, I think that I said that I would do that.

Here we are at the Dole Plantation.  I had to take a photo of one of our lovely tour guides, Monica, because she reminds me so much of my friend's daughter in the UK.

When we arrived at the Dole Plantation see here it was absolutely mobbed, with lots coaches going around the island plus other visitors.  Here you can have a tasting of their wonderful pineapple ice-cream, but as soon as I saw the line in the shop and I knew how little time we had here, I decided to walk out and see the gardens, which actually were very quiet.  So here are just a few of my shots.

Since I was ready for a snack and well in time to get back on the bus, I decided to walk up to a little side restaurant ran by a Japanese lady, where I bought a very popular Hawaiian pastry.  Nobody was there and I sat very peacefully by this Koi pond and ate it.

This is a view of just some of the coaches on the tour.  The tour was lovely in that we enjoyed good friendship together and a lot of laughs, and received an over all picture of the East, Central and North Shore of Oahu, but all the sites would be worth revisiting again.



  1. We get tinned Dole pineapple here. Lovely garden and I think you had the best option of peace and quiet in a garden rather than queuing for ever. So lovely to sit by a pond to have your snack.

    1. Dole has a chequered past in Hawaii. Did you think Monica looks like Esty?


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