Monday, December 8, 2014

Awake In The Wee Hours

Hi Dear Folk,

What does one do when you are wide awake at 3:00AM?  Well you make yourself a cup of tea, I will admit to taking a supply of my own tea bags and a good job to because the hotel only had coffee, can you believe that?  Sit outside on the balcony and take photos.  So here are some of my nocturnal photos.

View of the pool and marina by night.

View of a full moon, looking up the side of our hotel and as you can see no balconies except on our level.

Listening to Hawaiian music played in the distance.

Up bright and early to catch the 8:00AM bus to Diamond Head.  Here we both are in the leis we received at the airport.

Hawaii Prince Hotel lobby.

I bought a good coffee and a doughnut made out of Poi see here so the inside of the donut is purple and very good they are too.


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  1. Really good night time photos and the doughnut is so pretty. Sounds like it's healthy for a donut too.


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