Monday, January 20, 2014

Today was a day of work MLK Day, so it was great to have my friend Candyce over, I meant to take pics on our walk at the park, but forgot to take the camera.  We stopped off at Joanne Fabrics and Candyce chose some yarn for one of the frilly scarfs I make, it is in a lovely Peacock blue colour with a little bling in sequins, will match the coat she has.

It has been a dull day, but not too cold, snow tomorrow they say.  When we got out of the car it was quite windy across the open fields near the old dairy, where they now have the park offices.  The old cow milking shed is just empty, a long building, which they put all new windows in.  I think it would make a great hall for receptions and things like that, lovely views down across the fields.

We walked down to the wooded area which runs along the creek, gradually sloping down to the creek.  At this time of year you can see the creek clearly from high up, because there is no foliage.

We came back for lunch Mexican meal of chicken, green olives, raisins, and almonds wrapped up in a tortilla, you cover the tortilla in an egg, water and cinnamon mixture and fry it in the pan with olive oil.  You top all of this with a cooked mixture of tomatoes, peppers, onions and cumin, I also added a little courgettes.  This recipe is taken of an old calendar from Sainsbury's that my mum sent to me in 1985.  Always a good favourite.

I have some lovely old books to read, one being Lucy Carmichael by Margaret Kennedy who also wrote in 1926 The Constant Nymph, which she adapted into a highly successful West End play that opened at the New Theatre, with Noël Coward and Edna Best in September 1926.  Also a book of short stories one being The Squire by Enid Bagnold who also wrote National Velvet.

Some lovely cards which Candyce makes and has a true talent for because my attempts at card making never look as good. Plus some other boxes of cards, one reminds me of Florida, the day we visited the Orchid house, and the other set are very Waverly.  So lots of fun exchanging gifts, drinking tea and Mr. B's famous Choc Chip Cookies. along with lots of chatting.

I never did show you my Blurb book.  I was going to have this as my 2014 Diary, but decided against it, as somehow I made the book on the wrong size template, I had really wanted to use a smaller one, and by the time I realized my mistake, I was not about to do it all over again.  I will use it for my 2014 note taking. It has some of our Florida Trip photos from last summer.

The Boy and I have decided that Mr. B. is never happier than pottering around in the wood pile, he can spend hours out there.  Chopping wood, gathering kindling which falls regularly out of the oak tree there, putting it into boxes and taking it down to the basement, along with some medium size pieces to keep dry for snowy days.  Unfortunately our wood piles do not sit under cover, so it is better the logs have a day or so to dry off in the house.

We probably should have ordered another cord of wood this winter, our pile is getting low, so hopefully spring is early this year. 

Well will get back to knitting and watching that old 1980s series which is on Netflix, The Winds of War.

Take care,


  1. I had such a lovely time, Christy! I talked way too much but just felt so happy to visit with you, It has been way too long since we had such a nice visit. I will treasure it for a long, long time. Luch was delish and I enjoyed all the flavors--chicken, onions red pepper, green olives, tomatoes, almonds, raisons and spices. Wrapped in a tortilla. Really good!

  2. Your meal sounds easy and delicious so will try that. Funny how we keep going back to the old recipes. Glad you enjoyed your day off. I am very impressed with your book.


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