Friday, January 3, 2014

No Work Today

This is the snow storm coming through last night, but we were toasty with the fire going.  Mr. B. made raisin oatmeal cookies and chai lattes later in the evening after dinner.

I was let out of work an hour early and dashed over to the craft store to pick up the last ball of yarn that I need to finish my shawl, I was afraid if I didn't go soon they would not have the colour I need.  It should only have taken two but mine will take three, if I make another one I can see where I could possibly get it down to two maybe, but I'm not restarting this one again, it took long enough to figure the pattern out as it was.

It's lovely and sunny today, although bitterly cold.  We hope to go over to the park later in the SUV.

Now for my breakfast cup of tea and poached eggs on toast.

Hope your day is snug in the North and cool in the Southern hemisphere, where I've been reading of very high temps.

Take care,

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  1. The snow looks so beautiful. Wish we could have some instead of this awful rain and wind. Nice to be cozy indoors. Enjoy the park. Even when the rain stops and we go for a walk, it is a struggle with the mud and deep puddles so snow would be good.


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