Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day At The Met

The Boy and I out for a day at the Met, the Metropolitan Museum, NYC.  The Met is located on Central Park, which you can see part of in the background.  This is prime real estate, we passed one window on the coach and sitting there were some teddy bears, so some little child lives with a view of Central Park.

Neither of us have been to the Met before, so it was great to visit.  We went for a special tour, then had time to spend on our own looking around.  We met the coach at 8:00 AM it was a dull rainy day which ran into snow near NYC.  It took us about two hours to get up there on Saturday, being dropped off right at the Met, then meeting up with our tour guide.

One of the things the Boy wanted to see was modern photography.

Here we are over looking over The Great Hall.

Here I am wearing my altered couture Oilily.

The Met is so huge, will post more about our special tour.

We sat in front of the Tiffany stained glass windows for a little rest, when an elderly gentlemen started talking to Rob, we got into a long conversation then his wife came and joined us, such a nice couple, who live up in the Finger Lake area on a farm, near to Port Byron.  Earlier in the day Rob said I like to take photos of old men they have interesting faces, he didn't mention old women, but he did take a photo of this older gentlemen Ted, such an interesting couple.

Good job we packed sandwiches, although we left them on the coach, as you are not allowed to take food into the Met, the reason being of course that they want you to buy theirs, but at $5.50 per one cupcake it goes against my grain to pay ridiculously inflated prices to eat out, so we sprang for one coffee and tucked into our sandwiches on the way home. 



  1. Looks like ou had a really nice time! It is a very interesting museum.

  2. Another place I have to visit! The oilily looks great. A coach trip seems a good idea as probably quicker than the train.


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