Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jotul Stove New Fan

We have waited two months for a part to our sitting room stove.  The fan was missing some pieces and there fore, although it worked it was lopsided when it turned, causing the whole stove to vibrate, which was most annoying as we could only keep the fan on low and never turn it to high.

We have lived with this like that for several winters, not wanting to spend the money on a new fan.  But it was just getting worse so this winter we ordered it.  It only took two months and then it was the wrong one and then voila! in two days thay have ordered and received in the correct one.  Now one does have to wonder why did the first one take two months.

Last night Mr. B. installed the new fan, cleaning all the ash out that had got down there and my goodness does it blow out the heat.  Now we realize how inefficient it had become.  Now it will definitely keep things warmer and I will be able to hear myself think.


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