Saturday, January 11, 2014

51 Million

Today it has been raining cats and dogs and everything is totally saturated and water logged after all that snow and rain.  The whole weekend is to be a wet one, but temperatures have shot up and the temperature is 59 f.  Zero to fifty nine Fahrenheit in one week.

Last night was a company party in New York City, we reached the allusive 50 Million and actually reached 51 million.  We almost reached this before the economic downturn of the housing market debacle, where we just held our own.  The company I work for is very small approx 130 employees. 

Some co workers above, Sue from the NY office and Tom and Jen from my PA office.

Was a nice evening, lots of good food, I especially like the pumpkin filled ravioli in a cheese sauce with Parmesan sprinkled on top.

Delicious deserts, a cheesecake pop covered in chocolate, on a stick and a lovely little coffee mouse type desert, among many, and a must have with cake in my book, good coffee.

The venue was held at the Bryant Park Grill obviously by the name on Bryant Park.  It was a misty drizzly evening, that I thought lent itself to some great photos which reminded me of those paintings you see of Paris at night time with all the reflections in the rain, such as the artist Edouard Leon Cortes.

Views of the park looking out from the restaurant.

These are my two favourite shots I like them both with and without the man, it just catches the rainy evening feel to the park and NYC.  It makes me feel that I want to paint it.

On the drive to Trenton train station we went over the Delaware River and there were huge ice chunks floating under the bridge.  The train from Trenton is so slow, so all in all it takes us about three hours to get up to New York, but with a faster train only two.

I almost forgot, I won two prizes for my submission of Blog Ideas to the company Blog, my choice either a Roku or an Apple TV I think I'm going with the Apple and a massage.  The odds of winning were great because hardly anyone in the company submitted ideas and you could submit one idea per week, which I mostly did.  Hence my cheese of the month club gift, the bean bag seat and now two other prizes.  Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and the idea submissions page has been closed up.  Oh well!  Good while it lasted and I've enjoyed participating.



  1. Glad you had a good evening and I love your photos. I had some software once that can turn photos into painting style. Perhaps you could download something that would do it. Hope the train wasn't as slow as the one we went on!

  2. Good for you! My MIL was very clever and often won things because of it. I love your photos--really nice. Glad you had a nice evening out. The pumpkin filled ravioli sound really nice. Thinking of you....Candyce


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