Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crochet and China

As you know from earlier posts my neighbour George died a while ago and as the house was cleared out certain things were just tossed, including these crochet pieces, which I rescued and have just got around to washing.  The piece on the top rack is in perfect condition and the one one the bottom rack needs some loving care.  The tea coloured piece is half a table cloth.  It must have been just cut across the center one time and used for something else.  I just have to rescue things like this.

I do miss George.  The house sits empty, I have not seen a for sale sign up and do not know what the family is going to do with the house.  It is so cute, needs some work, but then who's house doesn't.  It has very Dickensian Olde Curiosity Shoppe type windows that George had custom made.  Two, one in the sitting room and one in the dining room.  Wonderful arched front door.

When I got married several of my friends from England sent me over pieces of this set as wedding gifts.  I have a large desert serving bowl with the matching smaller bowls.  I also have a set of six mugs, plus various odd dishes I've collected over the years, but nothing that you would call a whole set.  The way I got around that was by buying a plain white dinner service with a gold edge and interspersing these pieces in.

Well the other day in the Thrift I ran across this, at a good price with my coupon applied, it is such a time honored design, probably not as popular now as it has been, but still so traditional.

Oh dear!  The boy caught his backpack strap on this as he swung his bag up on his shoulder and this my grandmother's serving dish took a tumble.  He had gathered all the pieces together and was in some trepidation of telling his mum about it.  But as I get older I take things pretty stoically now, what's done is done.

I think I will take all the pieces and set them around a plant in a blue pot and put it out in the garden, is that a crazy idea or what?

The days seem to be dull, wet and water logged.


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  1. The crochet is beautiful. So much lovely stuff is thrown out now. Your teapot is very nice but shame about your grandmother's dish. Good idea about recycling it! We don't get coupons in our charity shops and they are getting more expensive anyway. Yes it's wet and miserable here today but we have had a few cold,sunny days.


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