Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Storm, Felt Necklace and Another Scarf

Guess what it's snowing again, they say eight to twelve inches.  Out of work at 1:00PM today but it did take me over twice as long to get home.  So I went up to the Boy's room to take a snow photo this evening and this is as much as I got.  "What are you doing mum, this room's cold enough already."  I was trying to open the window.  The abuse mother's take.

So a good opportunity to get started on my needle felting.  I think I'm doing it right, maybe not so right, I stabbed my finger twice once drawing blood, one must pay attention. I wasn't quite happy with the finish, so decided to finish them off with soap and water felting.

The red rose on the left was a gift from Mereknits, the heart on the right is one I needle felted and then wet felted, the other shapes I have not wet felted yet, but I think it will make them look better.

I have had this chain for a while and thought I would like to add the felted pieces to it.  I had the idea of embroidering them, I have some lovely pure silk embroidery thread in cream, but less might be more, to wear over a jumper or something.  Lots of ideas, but until you put it together you can never tell.

I have started on the Peacock scarf and decided to knit this one a little wider with ten stitches instead of six.

We will see what tomorrow holds.  It just may be a by the fire day.



  1. I meant to ask to see your felting things when I was there Monday! Next time! What will you do with the little things you made...which are so sweet?

  2. Duh! So sorry--I realize you are making a necklace with them. I was so intent on looking at the felted bits that I missed the necklace part.


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