Wednesday, January 8, 2014

PJ'ing and Elephants

I am such a home body and was totally in my element with all the days I had off last week.  All day Saturday I spent just what I call PJ’ing around, it’s wonderful to have the time to do that.  I don’t go to the shops much, except the thrift shop and Mr. B. does a lot of the messages, as the Scot’s would say for food shopping.  Mine is not a thrilling life, but Peace and PJ’ing is fine. 

BBC Radio is beginning to remember WWI, music of WWI re-broadcasting a programme from 1961 made by Chilton, who never knew his own father being killed during the Great War. Chilton did a radio programme all about the songs of the soldiers, many were making fun of the War, but hitting it bang on the head as to what was really happening.

In 1814 the Thames River in London froze over, during which time they had Carnivals and Circusses along with elephants on the ice, I think that was the last total freeze up on the Thames 200 years ago.

Talking about elephants look at this from Nante, The Great Elephant at Les Machines de L'Ile in Nantes 

  • 12 m high, 8 m wide and 21 m long
  • 48,4 tons of steel
  • Wood: American Tulip
  • Metal structure lubricated with 2,000 litres of hydraulic oil
  • 450 HP motor
  • An indoor lounge with French doors and balconies
  • A terrace accessible via stairways
  • 3 different routes: approximately 30 minutes
  • Speed 1 to 3 km/h
  • Set in motion using 60 cylinders, of which 44 are hydraulic, 6 are pneumatic and 10 are gas.
There are things I need to do around the house, sorting clothes and filing papers.  I have to pull out the files from last year and make new files for this year and get everything ready for taxes, what a to do.

There have been some spectacular sun sets, but where I live I only get to see a partial.  Where I grew up in England from the back of the house you had a clear view down the fields to the lane and then up again, one would see spectacular sunsets and thunderstorms.

The other day I was cleaning a book shelf in the Simla Room and came across some rocks and shell I picked up off the beach on the Isle of Skye, just down from Dunvegan Castle.  Round and smooth, some of black volcanic rock.  On the shelf beside these is a little ET figure Rob made in 2009, how time flies, he was just in Middle School then.

The switch broke on my lamp with magnifying glass, I thought of buying a new one since Mr. B. is having trouble undoing a nut, but after looking at prices and I can’t find one that sits in a base, like mine does, that Mr. B. now has to try again.  I said take it to Sears, where a lot of older retired very helpful gentlemen work and maybe they could help him with it.  So until that is repaired I’m at a standstill on the crochet front, sorry to say I need the light and magnification, let’s say it’s a whole lot easier.

Well that’s all dear folk.

Take care,

P.S.  Exciting news I won a giveaway yesterday at Mereknits such a creative Blog; a lovely needle felting kit, I've wanted to try my hand at this.  


  1. Yes peacefully pottering at home listening to the radio especially in this awful weather is all it takes to make me happy too. I listened to that program about the soldiers songs as well and thought it was very interesting.

  2. I LOVE jammy days and I must confess to having them alot since off work. In fact, I am having one today. Candyce


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