Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vestibular Disorder in Our Cat Tink

Our little Himalayan is always cute, but honest to goodness with the head tilt she was so cute, but I felt so bad for her.  Fortunately it cleared up in two days, she has a tad of a head tilt to one side, you wouldn't even notice it.  Much better than in these photos, taken within 24 hours of her getting the condition.

At first I thought she had had a stroke, but did a little research on it.  She was happy, had strength and was eating and puring and showed no signs of being in pain.  It seems the condition can come on suddenly within one hour, which it did, and usually goes away within 48 hours, which it did.

Vestibular disorders in Cats here

I am so happy.  She is getting older, we've had her twelve years from the SPCA and she was full grown then, they did not know how old, only guessed at three years old.  So if she was that makes her fifteen years old and she might be older than that.  My last cat Baghera lived until he was twenty.


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  1. She is so loved and cared for that she should live at least to 20!


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