Saturday, October 5, 2013

Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, Doylestown, PA - Part 2

So many different tiles to choose from.  When I brought Rob here as a little boy they had a Tea tile which I bought and they still make it, Jean bought one.

If I had money to have the kitchen of my dreams, it would have an Aga, an old English style farmhouse kitchen sink with a wooden draining board, like the old lady who lived down the road from us had, when I was a child.  Old hutch/dresser from the thrift store sanded and painted up, or just use the one I have from Romania, big old kitchen table that you could scrub down and a tile floor.  I would love to incorporate some of the large pieced tile work that you see below, the candle maker and the birds, the Indian in the field.  How lovely that would be.

The little round kiln above was originally used to fire false teeth.  Mercer purchased it and used it as a trial firing kiln.



  1. What an amazing place Christy. A false teeth kiln sounds a little creepy, I can just picture them all lines up in there.
    I really enjoy seeing all the interesting places you visit.

  2. What a beautiful place - I'd love to get lost there. Like yours, my dream kitchen has nothing to do with granite and polish. I'd love to have an Aga to go with my old Welsh-ish dresser!

  3. Yes the dream kitchen sounds good especially with lots of those tiles in it


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