Friday, October 18, 2013

China Town and Brooklyn Bridge NYC

China Town, NYC along Canal Street is more than chaotically busy as all NYC is chaotic.  I wonder how long a traffic policeman or in this case police woman lasts?

This fruit was so interesting and the name so right.  All those Chinese Red dragons in their culture.

Wandering on down through China Town past City Hall.  We thought this little garden for newly weds to take their photos at was great. The whole area just reminded me of the old movie The Clock with Judy Garland and Robert Walker.  Maybe you remember that classic, he's a GI on a two day pass to NYC, they meet fall in love and get married, before doing so they have to run around getting a special license to get married before City Hall closes, maybe it wasn't City Hall, but my mind wandered to that movie when I saw the little garden.

The building with the spire, is the building that replaces the Twin Towers.  I have not visited that whole area yet.  My company had an office in a building in the area, it was totally pancaked.  In fact I believe thirteen surrounding building were also destroyed.  Nobody in my company and only one person in the building died.

Terrible, it was very traumatic and many counselling sessions were had to help them through this. So we relocated to central Manhattan, our Pennsylvania office helped where ever we could.  For weeks many worked out of their homes.  We are a small company but our bosses kept everyone on the payroll we weathered it and came out stronger.

We wanted to walk the Brooklyn Bridge over to Brooklyn, but unfortunately although you could walk it the whole walkway was shrouded in plastic, as they were painting the bridge.  So once in the plastic tunnel you could not see anything, which defeats the purpose of walking it, so we went as far as the first tower and turned back.

The Brooklyn Bridge is a marvel for it's time and if you have never seen the documentary on building the bridge it is well worth watching.  It was completed in 1883 and spans the East River.


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