Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Hope, PA - Lunch at Karla's Restuarant

After the Moravian Tile Works we drove onto New Hope.

We stopped for lunch at this great little restaurant, Karla's and opted for something light, as we were all going out in the evening to eat, so we both had soup, Jean, Cheddar and Broccoli and me French Onion, both very good.  Jean can't get over how we always get given water with lemon without asking, we are just used to it.

The decor had an almost sixties Bohemian flair.

We walked around town, only looking in a few shops.  We did visit the sweet shop, but rather expensive so just bought a couple of long chews, that hit the spot for something sweet.

We walked the bridge across the Delaware over to Lambertville in New Jersey.  The sky was just amazing, blue with fluffy white clouds and this one very black dark ominous cloud just hanging there.

Had a good time here, we could have spent longer but you only have so many hours in a day and we knew we had to get back for the boys.

We did however stop on the way home, in my local Thrift Shop and Jean bought some Norman Rockwell mugs and also bought me a lovely Fair Isle all wool cardigan.  We had fun and then really did need to dash home and change for evening dinner.


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  1. It was good to see such a pretty little town and a huge thrift shop.


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