Friday, October 11, 2013

Lancaster Farmer's Market, Amish Country, PA

Happy Friday Dear Folk,

This is the Farmer's Market in Lancaster, housed in an old Victorian building, I like it, although some think it a little dark.

Above you see Jean buying some quilted items off the Amish lady, they are known for their beautiful quilts.

Some local produce and not so local.

I so much wanted one of these bags, the stall owner said they all came from Morocco.  The large shopping bags made me think of French ladies going off to market, they always have a nice bag for their groceries.  Maybe if I go up there another time I might indulge myself.

Above in the distant end they were selling locally produced Apple Cider, Joni and I said to Jean would you like to try some, it's very Pennsylvania Fall, she said "Oh no I don't like to drink during the day, I'll get too sleepy."  We explained that what we call apple cider here is just juice, all the apple crushed through an old wooden press, it's delicious.  Joni treated us all to a glass and Jean treated my boys to a gallon of it.  They were so happy when Jean presented them with it, a treat.

Another Pennsylvania treat are Pretzels, but when you buy them at the sweet stand, or candy stand, they are chocolate covered and so good.  We at home have even resorted to making our own, a frugal alternative and very good.

Above you can see all the chocolate covered pretzels.

My second batch of cheese has not come in yet.  I was hoping it might come this month, to try some with Jean.

A little more time spent here might have been nice, but we were on a parking meter which took us ten minutes to figure out how the thing worked.

Have a great weekend.


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  1. That "cider" was so good. Ordinary apple juice is not a patch on that. It was such a good day and Vicky loved the chocolate pretzels.


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