Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New York City Walking South Manhattan

This is the south end of the High Line in the meat packing district of long ago.  We descended the steps and started to wind our way south, through old streets of houses and little parks that you would just come across.  Jean said she never thought of NYC as having so many little green areas, but in south Manhatten there seem to be numerous ones.

Old houses with the brick streets.

Can't leave NYC without taking a Yellow Cab photo.

We bought a take out snack in a grocery store and ate it in the park.  We bought Potato Knishes which we asked to be heated, not knowing this would add another $3.00 to the price, they could have told us.  Unfortunately they were not that good.  I think that they had sat in the grocery store for a while, so that was a dissapointment, but the setting was great.

Wahington Square, with all sorts of buskers around.  We enjoyed a short sojourn here and moved on.

After this we decided to stop at a tried and true place for coffee, Starbucks, wonderful, hit the spot and a nice chocolate croisant to go with it, just right.  Service was a little crazy, but I guess that's NYC.


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  1. That was such fun and the little squares are great. I couldn't get over all the little chairs and tables for anyone to use.


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