Thursday, October 17, 2013

Anthropologie, Soho, NYC

As we walked on south we passed right by an Anthropologie store, in the Soho area, so many area names have the same name as areas in London.  I've always wanted to look around this store,  people talk about Anthropologie on their Blogs, so we took the opportunity to do so.  Just fun to see all the ideas.  Actually I found out there is one not too far from where I live, on the Main Line, it's the type of area they would put one of these stores. One day I'll drive over and take a look.  I did think of buying a cup, but did not want to tote it around with me for the rest of the day, that gives me an excuse to drive on over.

Anthropologie in Soho area of NYC.

I do love the leather zippered writing cases, but the price is a bit steep around $95.00.  I'm rather partial to leather writing cases.  I have one I bought in Boots when I was sixteen, black leather case which had Basildon Bond paper and envelopes inside when I bought it.  I still have it and use it all the time, it's worse for wear but still very serviceable and I'm rather nostalgic about it.

The lamp above, especially the shade is so sixties and maybe the base seventies.

How about this industrial piece, all the decorating rage now.

I do love these cups with the design inside too.  I'm rather partial to the turquoise.

The one above is I think my favourite of all.


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  1. They had some really lovely stuff and I liked the cups too. I loved the door knobs especially how they were presented all together.


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