Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Highlands Craft Show, Fort Washington

The Highlands Craft Show is to benefit The Highlands an old house.  Anthony Morris a Quaker purchased 200 acres of land in Whitemarsh, Montgomery County in 1794 to escape the yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia.

I mistakenly thought that the craft show was within the grounds of The Highlands, it was actually several miles away at Germantown Academy, if a gentleman had not been driving up the drive to The Highlands and I flagged him down and asked him, I would never have known, signage was terrible.

So I made it to the show.  Was fun to look around, I should have told the little old ladies at the entrance taking the entrance fee about the lack of directions, but I didn't.

Lorin Fields above is a fiber artist, working in felted wool on silk, what a lovely medium.  I spoke with her and said she might enjoy looking at Marmalade Rose in UK who does felting.

This lady Cara London does hand painting onto silk, I must have been in a silk mood, because these were the two crafts that I especially enjoyed looking at and talking to the artists about.  Cara found it very hard to sell paintings so got into painted silk scarfs.  I do like her work.

Was fun, I always love to look at what artists and crafters are doing.  I didn't buy anything, as it was all rather expensive, but love to ponder on what's out there.


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  1. That looks interesting. Even if the items are too expensive it's nice to look and get ideas


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