Sunday, October 13, 2013

Amish Country, Lancaster County

The Amish 

The Mennonite

As our day in the Amish Country wound down to a close, we were ready then for a nice Amish Meal, served Family Style, where you all sit at one table and the dishes of food are put out on the table to pass around.

All sorts of good things, fresh local produce salad, chicken pot pie, sausage, fried chicken, ham, roast beef, chow chow, dried corn dish, noodles in browned butter, ( I have made tossed noodles in butter, but browning the butter before gives it a totally different taste and I have tried this at home and like it)  mashed potatoes, gravy, different breads including a sweet bread, deserts, too many to try them all.  My favourite is Shoo Fly Pie, it can come dry bottom and wet bottom, this was wet bottom, apple crisp (apple crumble), chocolate cake, cheesecake, not sure I remember all the others, vanilla ice cream of course, locally made. 

The Amish take people around in these for a tour.  I find it a little touristy so give this type of thing a miss.  But I do like to see the folk going around on their everyday life.  For instance we saw a team of mules pulling a loaded hay wagon across the field into the barn.  On the way home in the early evening there seemed to be a lot of activity of Amish Folk out on the roads with their buggies, going here and there.

Our drive home, Jean , Joni and I had a lovely day together.  One of those days were it just flowed, not on a time schedule, except for the parking meter, just driving, stumbling on unexpected areas of beauty, such as the little park with the covered bridge and visiting planned sites, such as the Farmer's Market in Lancaster.  Just sharing, laughing and enjoying being together.


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