Saturday, January 1, 2011

What A Week!

Just a non related photo of Tink in morning sun this week.

Well we moved our offices this week.  Probably this is the best week of the year to move as it is always pretty dead between Christmas and New Year's.

We moved about 30 miles from our previous office.  As the building we were in was sold and thus we had to relocate.  Since some travel to our office all the way from New Jersey, which for them is a 53 mile drive each way others live just down the road and for me it was a 20 mile drive.  A central location was chosen with access to Turnpike and Rail Station.

I'm loving where we moved to.  For me it's just over a 9 mile drive and I wind my way through all these old neighborhoods and towns, with a couple of tiny horse farms thrown in.  Where as my previous drive was down a two to four lane highway.  And truly only one direct route.  If I want to change up my route to the new office I can do so.

One Jerseyite is going to catch the train, and for our New York corporate visitors we're much closer and just of the Turnpike.

Our offices are larger and all the furniture is IKEA so mod.

The actual move was great and by the end of the day we were all unpacked and looking ship shape.  Telephones and computer hook up has been a bug-a-boo though and hopefully all will be up and running next week. 

Also I am just around the corner from a second hand book shop.  Needless to say I have already visited.  And you can sell books there too.  Maybe an incentive to downsize my giant book collection.


P.S.  The previous company in the offices was a German company, and guess what they left all this beer in the fridge.  So on moving in day we had Pizza and Beer.  Nothing goes better with Pizza.

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  1. Glad your office move has benefited you. It makes such a difference to have a better journey to and from work. You can almost look forward to work now!


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