Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finds of The Week

I love the mug it's very whimsical and Hobbit like.  I have some mugs in this type of pottery.

The tooth pick and holder are from Hong Kong.  When I was a child it seemed that a lot of plastic items came from Hong Kong, of course now they all come from China.  There are more toothpicks inside, besides the ones on show.

The paper from Fort William is a design by Mairi Hedderwick and when I was visiting the Isle of Skye last year I bought a 2010 Diary as a gift for a friend and the illustrations were by her.  On the way to the Isle of Skye we went through Fort William.  I had remembered it a little differently than when I had been there as a teenager with my parents and sister.  I do remember walking along the side of the Loch which runs the length of most of Fort William.  As a teenager both my sister and I had bought kilts there.  Mine was a black and yellow tartan, my sister's was a blue.  I loved that kilt and always wore it with a black polo neck, I will have to look the photos up.

The little cloisonne boxes are for rolls of stamps, the square ones and the oblong ones, plus a little pot, I think they're lovely, 50 cents each.

The perfume is Crystalsong, and quite good for a little dab, reduced to 50 cents.

The margarita glasses were so dirty but washed up a treat 50 cents each. I now need to get the makings for a Margarita.

Popcorn maker has already been tested out and is much more economic than buying those microwave bags and makes very nice popcorn.

Well those are my finds, all for under $10.00.  My finds are all ongoing, that darn thrift shop is just too near.


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  1. How do you get these finds? Our charity shops are so expensive now. \you'd probably only get one item for the amount you paid for them all.


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