Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Sunday

Well the sun is out and I was quite surprised to see that my Spring counter on my Blog says only 49 days until Spring.  I must say I have been thinking of seed planting.  My friends husband is getting an early start on his peppers as he thought they were rather small compared with his other seedlings last year.  Jack is always coming up with unique ideas.  They have a little cottage style house, no garage or basement.  This is how they built a lot of the post-war homes over here for the home coming GIs.  Well Jack took advantage of some space in the stairwell were all the heat gets trapped and hung a shelf on chains, with a plastic liner and a grow light.  This is where he keeps his seedlings.  It's a brilliant set-up.

Last year I planted seeds and every day my dear hubby took them in and out of the garage, quite a tedious task.  So this year I'm going to get some breeze blocks, place them on the dirt with some of my old windows covering them, to make a cold frame.  Well you all know I have enough windows.  We will see how this works.

Along with my frugal campaign I will be planting almost entirely from seeds.  Actually it was a wonderful surprise, probably no surprise to anyone else, but the absolute diversity of my flower garden led to a wonderful diversity of bird life, especially the dear little humming birds visiting regularly, joy of joys.  You see frugality does have it's rewards.

I was also thinking on a different train of thought, how we picnic more.  A picnic takes a little more thought and preparation before you leave the house.  Instead of thinking "Oh! we'll just get something out."  And in many cases a picnic works out even better because you don't have to worry about looking for some place to buy food or eat at, and then can't find something you can afford or you are out in the boonies and there's nothing around.  So I'm a great advocate of 'Pack-a-Picnic.'  My mum always did when we were children, in fact I could count on one hand almost how many times we ate out, that is until I came to the States;  which was a wonderful novelty being single and going out with friends.  But life moves on and now were back full circle. 

Did you notice all the new fonts on Blogger.  Maybe I'm a little late in noticing this, but I always did think more fonts were needed to express oneself.  I love writing letters and my journal and diary so a handwriting style of font was warmly received by me.

Actually I have a friend Candyce, and we have regularly exchanged hand-written letters for well over twenty years.  Isn't that lovely to be able to say that in this world of technology.  Not that I don't love those new innovations to, as I'm on Blogger.  But there is truly something about the hand-written word.  They even say that in American schools cursive hand writing is becoming a thing of the past.  How sad because your hand-writing is you.

I guess that's why it was fun, actually down-loading my Lil Bit Brit Blog 2008 into a book.  Plus the access to digital format changes.  I have old mini VHS of Rob when little taken by a friend and cannot view it, it all needs converting.  So I guess my thought is, it's nice to have a tangible written letter or book.  Not something else that sits on a cloud server and could be here today and gone tomorrow.

I love to listen to Prairie Home Companion, it comes on American Public Radio and has done for over twenty-five years.  For those of you not familiar with it, it comes on Saturday evening and in our area is repeated on Sunday afternoon.  It's hosted/narrated by Garrison Keillor and is set in Minnesota.  A lot of fun about life there.  The stoic people who live there, plus music, readings, and stories.  More of an old time radio show.  Click on the link and take a look.

Well I must get back to my needlework, the felted mittens.  Plus I have the second DVD of Jane Eyre to watch, the 2006 version.  I have a notion to view my way through all the different versions from the thirties onwards.

Poor hubby is in bed with flu like symptoms.  So will take a hot water bottle up to him.  My mum always gave me hot milk, honey and a splash of whiskey, it works wonders.


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  1. Had a look at prairie home website. Looks good and we listened to the saw player which Paul liked. I always pack a picnic partly due to frugality and also so as not to waste time looking for somewhere to eat. My friend and I went to Bruges for the day and had about 5 hours there so we spent all day walking and just sat and ate in the beautiful squares. Hope Bob is better now. My mum also gave us honey,milk and whisky!


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