Friday, December 31, 2010

T.G.I. Tea, Morning Tea

Every morning hubby brings me a cup of tea in bed.  So this is a view of my morning cuppa.

This is one of my large cup sets.  Unfortunately I broke the saucer, then found a similar set in the Thrift, only instead of a Tea design it was a Coffee design, hence you can just see the double ee on the saucer.

My reading at the moment is Mrs Milburn's Diaries.  Her everyday life throughout WWII.  From her son being taken prisoner of war, to the price of food.  R.P.  Raiders Passed to A.C.  All Clear.  I love the front cover of the paperback.

By my bed is this photo.  It seems appropriate to this post as it is a photo of Rob and I at the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco, with our pot of green tea.  Rob was about eight.  The lovely frame was a gift from a friend, Kim.

Well where have you had your cuppa?


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