Saturday, January 8, 2011

Northern Hemisphere Big Snow Winter

Well it snowed again today, but in this area we still have not had a really big snow. It seems most of the Northern Hemisphere has seen some snow this winter. This was at the park yesterday.  I had to show the roads just for my friend Jean in England, even in the park they have been snow plowed.  Jean said she's been slopping round in slush for weeks.

In the one photo you can see one of their little orange snow plows.

This railway bridge and line is still in use.  It's a goods line, about two trains a day, I think mostly at night though.  Sometimes you hear that lonesome American horn sound so associated with the trains in the States;  especially when your awake on a hot summers night and the windows are open. 

I guess you need a fire hydrant in the middle of a park?


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  1. I am very impressed! A mild spell finally melted the ice and snow but for two weeks many elderly ones were housebound as they were afraid of falling. The ambulance service in the town was inundated with calls from people who fell on the ice and broke limbs. The council certainly wouldn't clear the parks as even the town centre was like an ice-rink.


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