Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Windows on the World Today

This is a wonderful cedar tree in the neighborhood, isn't it glorious?  Makes me think of the Cedars of Lebanon I Kings 4:33 "and he would speak about the trees, from the cedar that is in Lebanon..."

This is my view of the world today.  Snow this morning and more snow tonight.

All snows are different, well they are aren't they.  Soft and powdery, heavy and wet, misty and crystalline,  I don't think any snow storm this winter has been the same.  All has it's unique splendor.  Have you ever thought if snow was black?  No it would never be, humans love white.  This earth was created for our joy.


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  1. Yes snow is beautiful and varied in form. It is good looking at snow when one is indoors and cosy or wrapped up for a good hike. I enjoy your pictures.


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