Saturday, January 22, 2011

Carmine's New York City


Well Thursday was the big day a trip to Manhattan for a sales kick-off meeting.  I was up at 4:30 am to meet at 6:00 am for the drive up to New York.  We made good time even getting through the Holland Tunnel with not too long a wait.  We were in the New Yorker Hotel by 8:15 am, with enough time for coffee and a croissant before the meeting began at 8:30 am.

It was good to see different ones who I communicate with on the phone but hardly ever meet with from New York, Florida and Connecticut.  Met some new folks and was introduced to our new creative verbiage, "Smarter Solutions, Better Results."  Time really flew by, with round table sessions at the end.  By now it's 1;30 pm and we have a reservation at Carmine's for 2:00 pm.

Our little group from PA took a cab, so we were just about the first ones there.  I have never been to Carmine's before, so was quite excited to go.  We had a great time, a lot of talking, laughter and good food, served family Italian style, as you can see from the tables.  Bottles of Carmine's labelled wine, beer and all those lovely Italian courses.  I know I'm a Brit, but if they left me on a desert Island and said choose one ethnic food to eat, it would be Italian.  How can you not love focaccia bread, salad, olive oil, cheese, fried calamari, ziti in cheese sauce, cheese ravioli in marinara sauce, chicken parmigiana, veal Marsala, and ended with tiramisu, gelati bombs, Italian bread pudding and cannolis, with cappuccino. Yum! Yum! Yum!  

I seem to have no photos of the pasta and entree courses, because I must have been too busy eating them.

So yes I had a great day in Manhattan, even if we were delayed for one hour on the turnpike home, because of an accident.


P.S.  I love the photo of the waiter handing the bread over and the hands reaching out for it.

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  1. It looks amazing especially the pudding. Good job you did some work before lunch.


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