Saturday, December 29, 2012

The London Eye

There were a few postings I wanted to finish out before the end of 2012 one was my visit to the London Eye back in the Spring.  Our day in London had been off and on showers all day, but we got to the Eye just at the right time, because no sooner did we get off than a squall came up the River Thames and we were holding onto our inside out umbrellas.

Just to finish out our day a walk to Buckingham Palace through St James's Park.  The oldest of the Royal Parks, dedicated to the leper hospital named after St James The Less.

I worked on two Blurb books a couple of weeks ago, one I promised to my nephew and wife of their wedding; which I completed and sent directly to them.  It seems once you upload the files they can be printed anywhere in the world, according to where they're shipping to.  So I think the wedding album was printed in the Netherlands.  It arrived very promptly.

I also did another Blurb book of my 2010 Blog Year. So by the time I did that trying to also use their 25% discount coupon, my eyes were worn out.  It was a marathon weekend, to have those books just the way I wanted them and proof read etc.

I was also able to buy them as an eBook for my iPad which was great especially the Wedding Album as I only printed two copies one also being for my sister.

After all that I didn't want to look at the computer screen anymore, as I'm also on it a lot at work.

It's been a little crazy the Boy had an accident. Fortunately he's alright and nobody else was involved.  It was after work on a wet rainy night he hit a concrete pole, so the car is totaled, we were hoping not, as he loved that car, but unfortunately it had frame damage.

So now we're back looking for another second hand car in a certain price range and it's not that easy.  Oh well!  That's life.


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  1. I love your photos especially the one of St. James park which I think is my favorite London Park. Hope Rob gets a new car soon.


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