Monday, December 3, 2012

A Day In Southwold, Suffolk

We, my sister BB her husband Trev and my nephew Sam spent a lovely day out, with out major destination being Southwold.  

First of all we had a lovely picnic here.  Indulging ourselves in a bottle of wine and a nice brandy peach liquor.

We found a prime parking space right on the Seafront.

I love the above photo, it just seems to capture so much.  The lady walking out of the shop with her daughter, sunglasses in hand, and then the older lady on the scooter in her lovely seaside dress with her hat.

Cath Kidston shop.

The usual seaside town shop.

Sweetshop with traditional sweet jars.

On Southwold Pier, I love the seats also the water clock.

The traditional seaside style guest house in UK.



  1. Your photos capture Southwold beautifully. It is such an old fashioned place that you seem to slow down there. Also it is actually possible to park by the beach!

  2. I suppose I'm a typical southern boy; I'd never heard of Southwold. My loss!


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