Sunday, December 2, 2012

Southwold, Suffolk in Panorama

Southwold in Suffolk is a quintessentially Victorian Seaside Town, although many buildings predate that era.  It so reminds me of the Persephone book The Fortnight in September, by R. C. Sheriff.

One of the things which was a luxury for the Steven's family, was to rent a beach hut and Southwold has beach huts.  This is the type of little summer seaside resort you can imagine them at.  Staying at a slightly older run down guest house.

We enjoyed a delightful day here, a little overcast but the rain held off.  There's just so much to recommend Southwold, the Beach, the Pier, the Green and and the High Street of town, all worth a wander around.  I could spend a week here.



  1. This is our favourite sea-side town. We have had a couple of holidays here plus lots of day visits. In fact in one of your photos I think the house we stayed in is just visible right on the sea front. We also stayed by the harbour in our camper van. I walked virtually all the footpaths and will never tire of going there. Your photos bring back happy memories.

  2. I love your panoramic seaside photos. Thanks.


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