Saturday, December 1, 2012

Prefab Houses and The IKEA Flat Pack House

I started thinking about the old post war prefab houses when I watched Call The Midwife  On one of the episodes the story centred around a brother and sister who lived in one of those prefab houses.

They filmed this at the Chiltern Open Air Museum

It was so like the ones I remembered from my childhood, many estates still being around in the seventies.  But some lasted even longer.

I remember them as you see above, but when the soldiers came home from the WWII this was their new home for them.  Only meant to last about ten years.

It seems though that some of these prefab homes are still standing, cherished and loved.

France also had prefab houses and  that their favourite ones were shipped over from the USA, being called the UK100.  Meant for the UK but redirected to France.  These were preferable over the Canadian, Swedish and Finnish ones because they had bathrooms.  Although the ones in the UK had bathrooms too.

Moving forward IKEA has come out with a Flat Pack Prefab House for $86,000 with the movement to smaller is better.  I would love to see one.  I think it's a brilliant idea.


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  1. We had an estate of these near our home when I was a child and many of our friends lived there. In fact we had our group study in one for years. I loved them and was very envious although we lived in a new brick built house. The prefabs came with fridges and electric cookers and built in cupboards. The layout of the new Ikea houses reminds me of the mobile home we lived in when we were first married. I loved that too.


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