Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wilbur Chocolate Factory, Lititz, PA

Hi Dear Folk,

After lunch at the Tomato Pie Cafe, we wandered across the road to the Wilbur Chocolate Company.  Mr. B. had declined desert in the expectation of goodies found here.  In 1865 Wilbur began as a confectioners and in 1884 they decided to specialize in just chocolate.  So they've been going a while.  They have however sold this old building and are moving across the street to a new one.  I do think something of the ambiance will be lost in the transition.

You can just keep looking at all these old chocolate molds.

I was fascinated with these old chocolate molds especially the eagle, bottom right corner above, it must be so heavy.

These bunnies above made me think of my dad.  Via the post he always received an Easter egg from a great aunt in Somerset, however every year to his great disappointment it was always plain chocolate and he liked milk chocolate.  It must have been one of those childhood disappointments that you never forget since he told us the story many a time.

When I saw all these hot chocolate pots, with places of origin such as Silesia, Germany, my mind traveled to before WWI Vienna. Not that I have ever been to Vienna, but in the movies you see those old pastry and coffee shops and they must have served hot chocolate.  Something like this I had in mind Cafe Demel.  All those ladies, with wonderful hats and long dresses, sitting at marble and wrought iron tables with a slice of cheesecake or maybe German chocolate cake or apple strudel, the mind can run riot, and sipping hot chocolate.

My favourite pot might be the yellow one above with the irises, but it's a hard choice.

Old cocoa tins.

Was rather taken with the chocolate cuckoo clock.

Mr. B. bought chocolate covered pretzels and other goodies.  My addiction right now is white chocolate with coconut and not even expensive as it comes from Aldis, sugar overload. I'm safe from Mr. B. as he hates coconut, but have to hide it from The Boy.

Bye all you chocolate lovers.



  1. What an amazing collection. I love the jugs. I'm with your dad as I prefer milk chocolate too.Good pic of the boy.

  2. I do remember that Mr. B dislikes coconut!
    It looks like a wonderful time!


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