Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rob's Ithaca Graduation Photos

Hi Dear Folk,

It only took four months to get Rob's  graduation photos transferred from his computer to mine.  Rob took all these photos on his camera with a tripod.  This is the first time I have seen them.  Will make some prints from these to frame.

I think they came out nice.

The temperature is 95 f today and high humidity and the house is so hot.  I went down to the basement and pulled out our old 1940s Hunter fan, when you start it up it sounds like an airplane taking off.  Now that is in the sitting room sending out quite a breeze.

I don't feel so bad about venturing down into the basement as we had a bit of a clean up last Monday over the holidays.  It wasn't the way I wanted to spend my day, but it did feel good at the end to get it much more straightened out.  It had been, but when Rob came back home we just dumped a lot of his stuff down there, and then he needed to set his desk up for video and camera work that he does, so the nitch that I had carved out was taken over.

We need some rain, that tropical storm that came up the coast last weekend didn't drop a bit of rain on us, and I think tonight I will have to attach the sprinkler on, as everything is so dry in the garden.

Hope your weekend is great and cooler than ours.



  1. The photos are great. Well done to Rob both on the photos and his graduation. Such lovely family photos. Yes its good to have a clear out. My next project is the shed! Raining here today but still warm although much cooler than you have.We needed rain for the garden to swell the runner beans. Hope you keep cool.

  2. You have a beautiful family and a son to be very proud of.


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