Monday, September 12, 2016

#9 Florida State Quilt Square

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In 1907 the Fancywork Department of a popular farm magazine, Hearth and Home, inaugurated a series of state quilt block patterns.  Readers throughout the country were asked to contribute pieced cloth blocks to represent their respective states.  The block could be an original design or simply the sender's favourite.  The readers responded to this request and pictures of the selected block appeared in monthly issues until the series ended in 1912.

After the 48-state quilt block series was completed, Hearth and Home began another series called "Outlying Possessions"  this series included blocks from such territories as Alaska and Hawaii.

#9 Florida

See my label American State Quilt Squares for the previous 8 patterns.

I know better late than never.


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  1. When you think how busy their lives must have been, how did they find time for quilting? I suppose it was more a necessity then and also no tv or internet to distract them.


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