Friday, September 23, 2016

#13 Illinois State Quilt Square

Hi Dear Folk,

Time flies by and I had to read in other blogs that we are now officially in the Autumn Equinox.  I need to pay more attention, but life seems to speed by like looking out the window of a train.  We are still experiencing hot days, clear blue skies that are beautiful and the sunsets have been spectacular, unfortunately I only get to see them behind the roof tops of my street, but still the glow is there.

My allergies are still diabolical.

I picked up at the library a couple of weeks ago, a ten CD book on disc for $0.50 and it is a great story, an autobiography read by the author,   The House at Sugar Beach by Helene Cooper.  This is a book you have to listen to because of all the dialects.

It's about her life and childhood growing up in Liberia, fleeing and living in the USA.  I will not go into detail, as I hope to review it, but if you know anything about Liberia it has a very checkered history.  What I think they should teach in American Schools is that Liberia was founded by free black American slaves.  Of course there were tribes already living there and hence forth the seeds of strive were set.  I asked The Boy if he had ever learned about Liberia at school, but he said no.

One of the sayings which is Liberian "I hold your foot" which means "I beg of you" but you can't say it with an English accent, in Liberian it's sounds all rolled into one word.  I'm working on perfecting saying that, I've tried it out on Mr. B. and The Boy.

I have to share with you my super great find at my local thrift on Wednesday. A pair of brand new, Ralph Lauren Polo black leather lace up boots with light Australian sheer-ling trim, cost $25.00 less 25% senior discount and $10.00 gift card that Mr. B. received on their new opening day.  Total cost $8.50 the deal of the season.

Changing the subject here is #13 Illinois State Quilt Square.

Have a great weekend.


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  1. Well done on your thrift bargain. Can't believe it was a year ago I was getting ready to visit you. The story sounds interesting. Have you tried local honey for your allergies? I find it helps.


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