Thursday, September 29, 2016

Amish Country Amble

Hi Dear Folk,

Come amble with me in the Amish Country, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  The Boy had his GPS which for ambling around the countryside is just right, as you can get off the main roads and still find your way around.  A field of corn/maize standing like sentinels along the roadside.  I like open vistas so I'm in love with the farms and country roads around here.

It's really difficult to pin down what the Amish actually do believe when it comes to traditions as there are different sects.  Some will not use peddles and chains on there bikes so they use scooters, like the ones we had as children, one foot pushing you along and the other on the plate. Obviously though this Amish man can use peddles and chains as he's on a three wheeler.  You can just see a little boy sitting in the forklift on the back of the trailer.  Some will put rubber tires on their tractors and some will not.  Others only use horses or more often mules.  With clothing some will not use buttons but use safety pins, but wouldn't the use of a button be older than a safety pin?

These young girls are possibly Mennonite as they are using bikes.

I do love to see the lines of washing.

Squash in all shapes and sizes they bring a smile to your face and mums. I love Autumn and it has to be the nicest time in Pennsylvania.  The colours are truly Americana.

Now this has to be the most enjoyable day out for children.  Your own pony and trap.  I cannot think of anything more delightful.

A typical town as you drive through.  This summer I have noticed a new thing in all the towns around here and its's on the telephone poles, or any poles.  Images of  local fallen war persons, from all the wars going right back for each town.  It shows their photograph, name and date of birth and death, what rank they were and in what force they served.  It makes you very somber and think how sleepy little towns have always been touched by war.

This is what we bought at the farm-stand, beefsteak tomatoes.  I must say when I first came to the States and was served a sandwich with a slice of a beefsteak tomato in it, I couldn't believe it, coming from England tomatoes were grown in green houses, quite expensive and of a small uniform shape.

One slice of a beefsteak fills the entire sandwich and it's hearty like a slice of beef.  I like my pepper, my dad did too, it all comes around.

Also a bouquet of roses and cox combs, the colour combination is good.



  1. I enjoyed that amble. It reminded me of our days in that countryside and I do love the open views. I think it must be a lovely life for children. Your tomatoes and flowers are so beautiful and yes I only knew one type of tomato as a child and what a variety now if you can get them or grow them yourself.

  2. I loved driving with you through these wonderful villages.
    Hugs and enjoy that tomato.

  3. I love beefsteak tomatoes, late summer/early fall, the Hubs and I eat tomato sandwiches and corn on the cob for dinner most nights...I'm not an expert, but have done some reading and have stayed with a friend in Amish country and I think the pins vs buttons issue has to do with buttons are considered a form of decoration....pretty sure that is what the tour guide told us at one place...


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