Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tomato Pie Cafe, Lititz, PA

Hi Dear Folk,

Our Saturday had a lot of plan changes, originally we were going to an Oktoberfest, but I thought this was a fair, but it turned out to be more of a do at a private club, so we axed that and decided we would still go up to Lancaster visit a stereo store for the boys and then onto Lititz.

We got out about ten as we had arranged, but the boy had to drop something off at UPS, then Mr. B. said let's stop in the new thrift, yes we have another new large big thrift shop, called Savers.  This one allows you to return items within five days, brilliant, because I see clothes for the boys but do not get them as I'm afraid they won't fit or are not to their taste.  Rob came out with the shirt he's wearing below.

On the road, an hour later and we are almost at Lancaster when Rob realizes the stereo shop is closed on Saturday, only open on weekdays, how can a store stay in business like that?  So we just went straight on to Lititz for lunch.  By the time we arrive everyone is ready to eat at the Tomato Pie Cafe.  Mr. B. and I had breakfast, Rob had lunch.

The boys decided to eat outside, my choice was inside but I went with the flow and actually was glad on the decision, the temps have gone down and was just very pleasant outside.

Mr. B.s breakfast, French toasts and bacon, he always orders bacon on the side.

I had the their famous tomato pie with a grits parmesan cake, Rob had tomato pie with a savory scone.  If you are not familiar with grits, it is corn/maize ground into a meal and then boiled, you associate it very much with the South.  There is not a strong taste to grits, with a layer of parmesan cheese it was very good.  The tomato pie has a pastry shell and lots of herbs, and tomatoes of course, topped with cheese very tasty.  I had been here before with friends, but it was a first time visit for the boys.

At the end of the savory part of our lunch we had a little discussion of the cutlery.  In America you just leave your knife and fork any old way on the plate, the only way you know a person is finished is if there is no food on the plate. If food is left on the plate but you are sitting back obviously finished, the waiter will ask are you finished, a question never needed to be asked of a Brit as your fork, prongs down, neatly sits on the left beside your knife on the right, cutting edge turned in, right in front of you.  It always seems a neat way to confirm that you are finished eating.

Candid shots taken by my son.

Rob had apple dumpling and ice-cream, I had zucchini and blueberry cake with an Americano coffee, which is regular coffee with two shots of espresso added and I can say it was very good and I would get that coffee again, cake was delicious and a good way to use zucchini which we have an over abundance of at this time of year.

The Tomato Pie Cafe is on the corner behind the boys.  What could be the subject of discussion, either related to sound, photography or cars, with many variables thrown in, but that gives you the gist.

Standing in front of the cafe.

I do like their logo, the fork coming out of the pie into a tomato plant.

Will post more about our day out.


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