Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Crochet Fence Idea - Inspired by Anne Eunson, Hamnavoe

Hi Dear Folk,

It seems I have 19 draft post that I have never published, this was one of them.

I have a crazy idea, but really not such a crazy idea, to crochet a fence, yes a fence.

This is not so crazy as you think because Anne Eunson has already knitted a fence in a Shetland Lace pattern design.  See here on Kate Davies website now isn't that a super idea?

I'm not a great knitter though, but I do like crochet and I think it would actually be easier in crochet as you would not need to keep all those stitches on giant needles, you would just need one very large crochet hook and chain as many stitches as you would need in length for the project.

I have just the place I know that I want to put this, thus once I have measured it I will know how long the chain should be.  Now to think of the stitch that I want to crochet and were to find the twine to use.

My mind is racing to combine love of crochet with love of gardening, that's a winner.


P.S.  I did start on this but it was so expensive that unless I got a super good deal on the string it was too much cost, I love the idea there though and it's still bubbling.  Any suggestions on a super good deal for string?

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  1. Ebay maybe? Or what do fishermen use for their nets?


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