Sunday, September 11, 2016

Wander With Me Weekend

Hi Dear Folk,

Would you like to take a little wander with me around the my house?  I don't feel like battling the heat outside and know if I do, I'll just look at all the work that needs to be done in the garden and cry. Leaves everywhere acorns underfoot and those bad, bad squirrels.  I am ready for a convict transportation of them to the park, they really are the limit, have totally decimated several of my pot plants, including my Tahitian Wedding Veil.

On a brighter note a lovely bouquet.

The Hunter fan that I referred to in my previous post.

Last week Mr. B. and I headed out to what we thought was a Polish Festival at a near by town, but it landed up being at a shrine, so we decided to give that a miss and went thrifting instead.  These rather Scandinavian set of candlesticks is what we came back with.  They would look perfect on a really sixties looking table, but I've still fitted them into my very eclectic house.

At the Indian Festival we went to a couple of weeks ago, I rather fell in love with their beadwork, and have in mind to give it a go, I thought this book would fit in well with that, because instead of cross stitches you use beads.  I'm afraid cross stitch has never been my thing not enough free form.

Do you have a pile of books like this?

My dear cousin Esther gave me the above set of plates when I was visiting earlier this year, aren't they lovely?

I found this set in a UK charity shop the plate below was on top of the pile and caught my attention with the poppies.

The field swallow.

The woodland woodpecker.

The farmland chaffinch

The garden blue tit.

The heathland yellowhammer.

I'm missing one plate from the set the Kingfisher.

My grandma used to collect them and had quite a few, I think that used to be the done thing, and that's probably why they turn up in charity shops now.  But the above set caught my attention and I don't know why you couldn't just use them for tea.

Reading from the library for the weekend, a biography of the authors' great uncle.

I have three of these tables in the garden, they are really garden tables from the forties.  The three in the garden range from very, very bad condition, bad condition and fair condition, but this one I found at a thrift in Ithaca, is in quite good condition and it is just right beside the sofa to put a cup of tea on.

While trying to water the garden I accidentally broke this off my butterfly bush so decided to enjoy it inside.

Thats my little weekend wander.



  1. Your home looks so warm and welcoming.
    Have a great day,

  2. The bouquet is beautiful. Your fan takes me back to office work in the 60's. I think those candlesticks would look good anywhere.
    I really like the bird plates and I love your eclectic house. It just amazes me you still manage to find room for more goodies.

  3. I love the bird plates....just lovely. And i love cross stitch and find it is like putting a puzzle together, it is so neat to see the design unfold.

    1. It might be my lack of meticulous patience on cross-stitch, although working with beads one has to be just as patient and meticulous. I do love the finished result on cross-stitch though.


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